You really need to bring cash. I have found renters become more respectful of the boats when they leave cash in my hand. My goal for every rental is to return 100% of the deposit. Unfortunately, some folks treat a rental boat like "its a rental boat" and do very unreasonable things. That said, for the entire 2023 rental season, I only charged one customer. That customer set a lit cigar on a seat and badly burned two seat cushions. They also tore a door completely off the boat. 
Yes, we encourage you to bring everything you need for an enjoyable day. That said, we do not allow fishing on the Barletta. The Barletta is a luxury boat, the 18' Bennington and the 25' Suntracker are much better options for fishing. 
In your map application, enter "Brown's Ravine". This is the best search option, as the physical address sometimes takes folks to a neighborhood above the marina. Once inside the Brown's Ravine entrance, just watch for the floating octagon building. Our boats depart from that building. 
Like a rental car, we send you out full of fuel and fill you back up when you return. You only pay for the fuel you use and this is normally about $30 for the Bennington and the Suntracker. The Barletta, being capable of pulling a tube is typically $80+, depending on how much time you spend tubing. Also, you are required to pay the $12 per vehicle State fee for entering the park.